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Some Japanese Snacks & Sweets

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Just to get back in the swing of things a quick and easy post about some of the delicious treats you can find in Japan. First off:

Crepes are extremely popular in Japan and you can get them with all sorts of fillings as you can see in the pictures below, which only shows part of the selection this particular shop had. Quite different from the tiny selection you can usually get in Germany from a crepe stand for example. Another thing these pictures show is the Japanese love for plastic replicas of foods and meals. Most shops will have at least some plastic replicas of some of their trademark dishes if not replicas of their entire menu on display.

A display of plastic replicas of some of the available crepe options on Takeshita Dori.

Mister Donut is another extremely common and popular stop for a treat in Japan. They have all sorts of filled or unfilled donuts in different shapes and flavors. Although they also serve “proper” food if you will but let’s stay realistic who wants pasta or nikuman (meat bun) when you can have donuts!?

This particular selection was part of a limited time release of matcha (green tea) flavored donuts in June 2010. That is another thing quite unique to Japan I think, that they have seasonal specials in stores and shops that you can only get a certain time of the year. Also makes sampling your way through a seasonal selection without gaining two dress sizes slightly difficult. I personally loved the “pon de ring” donuts, the ones that look like they are made up of small dough balls, because they are so easy to eat! Why can we not have that in Europe again? Also if you want to drool over the current Mister Donut selection click here.

Melon Cream Soda with a selection of matcha flavored donuts. You can see the first one is filled.Close up of the donut goodness. Yummy!

Parfaits are another very popular dessert in Japan and you can get them in cafes pretty much everywhere and in all sorts of flavors. The matcha parfait is very common and usually also features anko (sweet red bean paste), which is commonly used in many Japanese sweets and snacks.

Matcha (green tea) parfait in Nara.Tiramisu Parfait with some iced milk tea also in Nara.

This concludes the first post in what I am sure will become a series about snacks and sweets in Japan. If there are any questions or requests for further posts, please let me know. Also which one of these or other sweets and snacks not mentioned are your favorites in Japan? Or if you haven’t had the opportunity to try any, which ones would you prefer to try? Let me know! ^-^


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